At our company, we understand the importance of stable startups in driving economic growth and encouraging young entrepreneurs to take the leap and start their own businesses. We believe that a strong foundation is crucial to the success of any startup, which is why we have developed a comprehensive SMS (Strategy, Management, and Support) model to assist entrepreneurs in building and maintaining stable startups.

Entrepreneurial Approach

incentive to change and break free from the status quo to adopt a more entrepreneurial mindset. Our focus is on building, measuring, and learning unique ideas. Our mission is to overcome the existing inertia and encourage the formation of new and stable startups to boost the vehicle of societal development and industrial change.

Need Rationale

We offer a supportive environment for individuals to reflect, motivate and perseverance towards achieving their business goals. We provide training and mentorship in cognitive strategies for business incubation to enhance the entrepreneurial competencies of our incubatees and promote the growth of sustainable startups that contribute to industrial and economic development.


Our SMS model is designed to provide support at every stage of the startup journey, from idea generation to scaling and growth. Our strategy component focuses on identifying and analyzing market opportunities, developing a clear business plan, and identifying the resources and partnerships needed to bring the venture to fruition. The management component of our model is designed to provide support in the day-to-day operations of the startup, including financial management, human resources, and legal compliance. Our team of experienced consultants will work with you to develop the systems and processes needed to ensure the long-term success of your business. Finally, our support component is focused on providing ongoing assistance and mentorship to entrepreneurs as they navigate the challenges of scaling and growing their businesses. We offer a range of services, including access to networks, workshops, and training programs, to help entrepreneurs develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.



Transformation of ideas into standard scientific norms to separate fiction and facts. Volition, Validation, and Value of the Idea are three dimensions to explore the scientific, social, industrial, and market compatibility.



A complete startup simulation to explore the possibilities in terms of commercial and scientific maturity before going real. This stage evaluates and recommends to the participants the pros and cons of their skillset, plan, and market.


Seed Design

Going real is where startups are evaluated for their skill and content development, prototype configuration, and required KPIs. If they are not up to the desired level, then our resource personnel provide necessary training to the incubatees to develop their knowledge base.



The quality mechanism and lifecycle of the startup are evaluated in accordance with the set KPIs. The system evaluates the vitality of each startup in accordance with its infrastructure, R&D value, market value, SC value, and IC value, according to the designed rule base. Making sure the reality is based on the incubatee's intentions and perceptions rather than unattainable business plans


Knowledge Layers

The knowledge layer tackles a startup's requirement bank and business parameters to ensure the competence of their business units and the intellectual capital of each unit’s HR. This makes sure that each startup has stable knowledge growth and industrial worth.


Startup Management

The success of a startup critically depends on the identification of a valid problem, the right solution, and stable growth. We train our incubatees to be able to identify a problem, propose a blueprint solution, and successfully scale their startup in accordance with market trends and proficiencies. making sure that they can strengthen the international and national startup ecosystem.


Our recent products are focused on artificial intelligence, cloud computing, NLP, deep learning, online education systems, and IoT solutions. Our young entrepreneurs are making products with societal and industrial impact.

Our Start-ups Speak

D3T is always keen to identify, explore, polish, and utilize knowledge. Our skill development program and training incubation centers are continuously working to make innovation visible. Our mentorship, process, and dedication are the key factors that produce success stories.

Through the dedicated mentorship and support provided by D3T, I am proud to have achieved success with my startup, which was an unforeseen accomplishment just six months ago. The exposure to emerging technologies and opportunities to apply them through hands-on experience were instrumental in making my entrepreneurial aspirations a reality.

Ateerish Iftikhar
CTO Sci-Sageza

Entrepreneurial approach and a clear strategy made Conoscenza possible. With D3T, it was not conventional training; it was a real-life practical experience to conceive, design, and implement a startup. an invaluable experience indeed.

Ahmed Ali
CIO Conoscenza 


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