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Transformation Helix: Influence the Network of Knowledge

A career transformation program focused on entrepreneurial and self-employment concept. Learn to Earn in the digital world with unique skill set. Defining the value proposition in a whole new way.

Development Stack for Emerging Technologies

Artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0 are re-shaping the technology. This program includes cutting-edge technologies with a complete focus on applied side. Develop MVP to show tangible skills.

Manpower for Organization-Verticals Enablement

Industry focused program to provide transformation skills in critical domains. Move the industry to next level with emerging trends and techniques along with customized solutions.


Breaking the Boundaries

thinking of the career, qualification, and emerging challenges!
D3T has introduced the Transformation Helix to influence the network knowledge (THINK) in any domain. Our objective is to provide online skill verticals, opportunities to develop start-ups, mentorship to become entrepreneurs, and gigs to start freelancing. Think about having the essentials in the New World.


Code the Future

The D3T-Stack program is focused on digital development, management, and governance. It provides career paths with in-demand and cutting-edge technologies for AI, cloud computing, IoT, blockchain, big data, knowledge management, B2B e-commerce, open supply chain management, security, cyber resilience, and many more segments of interest. STACK is linked with the industry to provide a productive and practical experience to all the participants.


Transforming Industry

Remote working, the emergence of organic organizations, and the rise of knowledge management to identify intellectual capital are a few factors that are playing a vital role in transforming the corporate sector and industry. Whether it's upgrading from OEM-ODM-OBM in manufacturing to B2B and open supply chain trade, technology has brought new norms and standards. The MOVE program is focused on developing the organizational verticals in terms of HR skillset, intellectual capital, relational capital for tangible ROI, and operational environment.

The focus of D3T is to generate a skilled workforce in emerging technologies and the knowledge economy. Our programs are continuously evolving to ensure tangible learning outcomes.




Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive Science, Learning mechanism, Neural Networks, NLP and image processing.

Cloud Computing

Structuring, Modelling, Migration, Orchestration, Integration, Data Engineering


Arduino, Eclipse, Raspbian, Device Hive for smart cities & offices, healthcare, Machine to Machine communication.


ROS, Motion Planning, Mobile Robots, Aerial Robotics, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, Robotics Engineering, Cloud Robotics, CoBots & Cloud Computing

Knowledge Management

Intellectual Capital, Knowledge exchange, Knowledge Epistomology, Knowledge Integration & Defusion, Cluster Mapping

Data Science

Data Mining, Statistical Modelling, Machine Learning, Quantitive Analytics, BigData Structures, Deep Learning

Advanced Programming

Python, R and Software Engineering, Java, DJango Modelling, Julia OOPS, Java Script

Graph Databases

Neo4j, Cassandra, GraphDB, Visualization & Analytics, Real Time Featuring


Cryptography, Cyber Security, Blockchain, Cloud Security, Information Security, Network Security

Digital Economy

Emerging Economic Models, Fin-Tech, Bitcoin, Growth & Sustainability, Digital Economic Strategeis


The emerging gig-economy is the swiftly growing domain. Learn digital marketing, videography, SEO and other essentials

Social Science

Knowledge Management to human resource complexities, digital marketing, content development and entrepreneurship programs. 


Solutions for shifting paradigm of learning & coaching from primary to higher education.  
Our key considerations for blended learning are; 



In any learning solution, tools play the least important role. The most important component is the methodology that has been used by the tool. D3T provides multiple models and methodologies to formulate customized solutions for schools, academies, and universities.



Blended learning platforms are the new global ecosystem that is targeted at huge data volumes and high performance requirements. Our focus is on stable accessibility through SDN or cloud services to ensure swift, robust, and distributed virtual operations to serve a larger user base.


Cost Effective

Cost reduction without compromising quality and features is always a challenge. Our solutions work with three stakeholders—the institute, students, and parents—without undermining their interests. Accessibility to knowledge for a successful career is our pride.


Following are the few technology environments our teams are using to develop various solutions and training designs for skill development programs and proof of concept.



You can work with us to learn emerging platforms, tools, and managerial techniques by assisting in the development of various projects and products. Our research associate program invites talented people related to technology, management, finance, and economics. Your opportunity to work with our professionals and scientists will provide a strong career foundation.


Are you a solo performer? having professional skills and being willing to utilise them in an autonomous environment? Our international network is always seeking talented freelancers for a vast range of projects. You have the opportunity to work on projects and also get your skills upgraded by taking our training programs, which are completely free. Our freelancing cell is more focused on project management tactics, intellectual capital development, and the provisioning of skilled resources for specialized domains.

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D3T Training Incubation Center is the affiliation model for higher education institutes. We evaluate the needs and deliver trainings to develop a skilled workforce and successful entrepreneurs.

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